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Out 02 April 2021. Album release concert in Paris - Le Trianon

"Victoires du Jazz" Award for the "best album of world music"

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A soulful and expressive singer-songwriter whose music fuses folk, acoustic blues, and West African textures.

Over the years, Piers Faccini, has often made of his songwriting, a passion for pursuing the kind of cross-cultural dialogues that have long been heard on Mediterranean shores throughout the centuries, bridging southern Europe with the Near East and Africa.


In his 7th album Shapes Of The Fall, the musical influences draw heavily on Faccini’s own Mediterranean ancestry, crossing multiple frontiers with his voice over the course of the journey, from the snow tipped Anglo-American Folk registers of songs like Paradise Fell or Together Forever Everywhere to the eerie desert blown notes of Middle Eastern or North African modes in tracks like Firefly or Dunya.


Ruin or repair and hope or despair are the album’s parallel narratives and if shapes of the fall are the myriad endangered forms that make up the mosaic of our environmental collapse, the descent, Faccini sings, is of our doing or undoing. ''Bring me my home back'' the chorus of the album’s emblematic opening song They Will Gather No Seed is not then, the singer’s personal cry for a home but the animal lament of innumerable species on the brink of extinction. With All aboard, it swings back toward light, toward hope.


Over his studio albums, Piers Faccini has collaborated with musicians far and wide in search of musical dialogue such as Vincent Ségal, Ballaké Sissoko, Ibrahim Maalouf or Jasser Haj Youssef.

Piers Faccini guitar-vocals

Séverine Morfin violin

Juliette Serrad cello

Malik Ziad guembri, mandola

Simone Prattico drums


© Dounia Jauneaud


Booking Caféturc Music & Arts

*exc. Fra, All, Ita, Bel, Sui, Gb, Usa*

Production Zamora Prod

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